student work

Excerpts/fiction & short poems from my high school students.

Pandemic 2021

It’s so easy to be in complete awe in someone else’s image,
yet so hard to have love and appreciation
for what we see in the mirror every day.   – Zauri Wimberly

The crisp breeze is still
Candlelit, but hushed like an
Indian Summer
Rain, sleet, snow, and hail
Oh that feels familiar
It’s that time again
The sun stays out late
The heat seems to be halting
as well, It’s summer.    -Tamlaika Wanex

Constant summer rain makes everything vibrant. It fills local flora and fauna with cacti
that grow colorful flowers, trees that bloom in hues of fuchsia, and little plants that grow under
anything they can. Since tall hills surround the town, the drive is an intricate course of curves
and steep climbs and falls. The town comprises roughly 200 people, whose houses surround the
town’s church. No one is a stranger and everyone knows each other.    -Alexa Valenzuela

Staring at the sky,
Lamenting for want of love
A loner questions light
And life itself.
A shooting
Star rejects his misery.   -Noah Stevens

A Letter To Someone Faraway (Haiku)
Date: 5/23/21
They say every word counts
When writing to someone you hold dear
But 5 words still tell.  -Marcus Michaud

morning frost sticks fast
to sharp sage tips of green grass,
standing firm in wind     -Jason Meusel

I turned my head back to my needle and fabric putting together all that she just said, and
whilst satin stitching the stem I realized she was suggesting it was suicide. My hand slipped
nearly stabbing myself with the needle but I continued nonetheless.    -Suranda Anyinefa

The golden sun sets,
so the night is here to stay
till morning comes soon.   -Sarah Bleasdale

what is a haiku
nothing but words, poetic?
this is a haiku   -Franck Velens Brivard

They slumped against the tree stump. Even with the
distraction of cool bark on their skin, they too felt
Stumped.   -Lena Finnamore

…the boy’s worried expression had gone. Even as the boat balanced on a knife’s edge where one
small gust could spell disaster, the boy’s eyes conveyed a humble confidence in the salt that ran
through the old man’s veins.   -Colby Green

Shelves and spare chairs make the room itself seem stressed, like it’s pushing on its own walls
in hopes of getting more space.   – Gabriel Roth

Then, carefully, he filled in his new engraving with the pen ink, so that his name could not be
mistaken for an unusual pattern in the wood grain. He watched the ink seep into the wood and
travel through the cracks, like the smallest streams between the smallest canyons.    -Emma Shamburg

hints of gold sunbeams
after they fall to the ground
where they are crunching.  -eden healey
blows hot air in cold
whistles when ready for tea
steeping in the snow.  -eden healey
squishes underneath
feet, green and soft, warm and cool
flowers bloom, late may.  -eden healey

The sky encompassed his mind, staking claim over his vision. The familiar, indigo hue slowly conquered the sky just as orange crept towards the end of the world. No sound, ‘cept for the whistling wind singing sweet nothings into his ears. The wind carried so many sounds, so many stories to indulge in, and yet, it was as fleeting as an echo in a cavern. His grip loosened
in anticipation. His view of the world seemed to expand, seeing every little detail in the big picture that was the world. He inhaled, absorbing those whispers that cheered him on. He let go
of the last anchor that tethered him to the earthbound. He embraced danger, the border that distinguished between those who valued life and those who valued death. Although only human,
he had his own set of wings that were made from his own desires, which ultimately freed him from the one emotion he feared the most: Fear itself.    -Jasmine Justin

She stared at the stars and wished.
Wished for the time before
he had joined them.    -Shayna Kelpesch