poems I love

Unknown Girl in the Maternity Ward/Anne Sexton

I I Felt a Funeral in my Brain/Emily Dickinson

The Lovers of the Poor/Gwendolyn Brooks

Frederick Douglas/Robert Hayden

About my very tortured friend, Peter/Charles Bukowski

The Lanyard/Billy Collins

Stephen Dunn/After Making Love

Apologies to All the People in Lebanon/June Jordan

Tulips/Sylvia Plath

Touissant/Ntozake Shange

We Real Cool/Gwendolyn Brooks

Those Winter Sundays/Robert Hayden

Revenge/Taha Muhammad Ali

mothers/Nikki Giovanni

Grandma/Catherine Doty

The Star-Ledger/BJ Ward

An Agony. As Now./Amiri Baraka

Book of Heru/Ras Heru Stewart

Unknown Girl in the Maternity Ward/Anne Sexton

 Layin on of Hands/Ntozake Shange

High School Senior/Sharon Olds